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In English literature, M. This new interest in relatively unsophisticated but overtly emotional literary expressions of the past was to be a dominant note in Romanticism.

From Byzantine Art to the High Renaissance (c.330-1600)

Here are two French philosophers who held and defended opposing worldviews that eventually brought the Romantic man up against the Enlightened man: The viewer experiences the awe of nature and at the same time feels the insignificance of man. Artistic and intellectual movement that originated in the late 18th century and stressed strong emotion, imagination, freedom from classical art forms, and rebellion against social conventions.

Gargoyles all have a common theme, they are carved with big wide-open mouths. It was a matter of freedom from classical restraints -a matter of trusting the heart, rather than the mind.

Romanticism in Spanish literature

Still, in common usage, Romanticism is often understood as a set of new cultural and aesthetic values. In contrast to the usually very social art of the EnlightenmentRomantics were distrustful of the human world, and tended to believe a close connection with nature was mentally and morally healthy.

The civil, political, and religious conflicts that dominated the first half of the century were in many ways also the characteristic response of the Counter-Reformation. While large numbers left rural areas and settled in the city, the Romantics longed for life in the country. Margaret Drabble described it in literature as taking place "roughly between and ", [24] and few dates much earlier than will be found.

Romanticism artists

Some of the greatest figures—Dante, Chaucer, Petrarchand Boccaccio—came late in the period, and their work convincingly demonstrates the transitional nature of the best of medieval literature, for, in being master commentators of the medieval scene, they simultaneously announced the great themes and forms of Renaissance literature.

In Spain a similar conflict was expressed in a tendency toward ornament, Latinization, and the classics culteranismo and that toward a more concise, profound, and epigrammatic style conceptismo. Even though religion was treated with little reverence, it was still fascinating to them.

Despite the ongoing urbanization, Romantic art depicted villages rather than expanding cities. Literatures in these languages are, however, closely associated with major Western literatures and are often included among them. The stereotype in our popular culture of the artist or intellectual as a self-tortured, lone soul with a nobody-gets-me attitude originated in the Romantic period.

In France this appeared in a struggle between the Ancients and Modernsbetween those who thought that literary style and subject should be modeled on classical Greek and Latin literature and supporters of native tradition.

Medieval Art - Gargoyles The Medieval Times website provides interesting facts, history and information about the great artists and important historical events which scatter the Medieval History books on the subject of Gargoyles.

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Though influenced by the religious myths of Mesopotamia, Asia Minorand Egypt, Greek literature has no direct literary ancestry and appears self-originated. Some of the their paintings were the most horrific to be seen in the West at the time, for example Saturn Devours His Children by Francisco de Goya see above.

Steam engines and cotton mills symbolized that Industrial Revolution. Yet surviving writings in Greek and far more in Latin have included those that on ancient testimony marked the heights reached by the creative imagination and intellect of the ancient world. Since its launch, it has brought the world of finance closer to more thanpeople.

Nonetheless, the Romantic artists viewed that pre-Renaissance era with admiration: The paintings showed strong emotions through facial expressions like anguish, intense pain, anger or fear. It is also one of the first paintings used to protest the horrors of war.

For romantics, color was the life and soul of a picture and was in itself capable of building up form without recourse to contour-lines.

This elaboration increased until drama became a secular affair performed on stages or carts in town streets or open spaces.


It marked the end of the Baroque movement and was followed by Realism. The romance used classical or Arthurian sources in a poetic narrative that replaced the heroic epics of feudal society, such as The Song of Roland, with a chivalrous tale of knightly valour.

That it was part of the Counter-Enlightenmenta reaction against the Age of Enlightenmentis generally accepted in current scholarship. Our Western Art Timeline from gives an explanation of the most important artists, movements and styles of painting from Byzantine Art to the High Renaissance.

Where the Romantic art movement appeared? and what inspired it? The Romanic movement originated in Germany, then it spread to England, France and the rest of Europe. Across the Atlantic, America had its own version of Romanticism, the Hudson River School, which was the first truly American school of art.

Vanhary To say the word Romanticism is to say modern art — that is, intimacy, spirituality, color, aspiration towards the infinite, expressed by every means available to the arts.

Gargoyles. Facts and interesting information about Medieval Art, specifically Gargoyles, during the Middle Ages. Gothic Architecture. Gothic Architecture and the Gothic Arch. Important Art and Artists of Romanticism.

The below artworks are the most important in Romanticism - that both overview the major ideas of the movement, and highlight the greatest achievements by each artist in Romanticism. Romanticism (also known as the Romantic era) was an artistic, literary, musical and intellectual movement that originated in Europe toward the end of the 18th century, and in most areas was at its peak in the approximate period from to Romanticism was characterized by its emphasis on emotion and individualism as well as glorification of all the past and nature, preferring the.

Romanticism art
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