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After several days of modeling sessions we came to the conclusion that the changes were going to be easy, our system was amazing after all, and we would have no problem supporting this new client. When they did so their success rate actually improved. Users and their management will likely request user documentation.

Agile documents maximize stakeholder ROI. Maintenance developers, or someone representing them if they are not in place yet, will request system overview documentation. You must work closely with the customeror potential customer, for your documentation if you want to create something that will actually meet their needs.

Or the team delivers late or over budget, even though everything looked good most of the way through the project. Code documentation versus external documentation. It has a risk-value delivery lifecycle, is goal-driven, is enterprise aware, and provides the foundation for scaling agile.

When your audience is developers the best place to put the majority of the documentation is the source code. Potential documents to be created by your development team. Any investment you make in documentation is investment that you could have made in new functionality, and vice versa, so someone should make a conscious decision as to how much that investment if anyshould actually be.

Not all of the documentation that you will write will be specifically for your project team, or for the team s taking over your system, some of it may need to be made available at an enterprise level.

The advantage of having the SAD document was that it provided a description of what we were building, a document that we distributed to management and made available to anyone within the organization that was interested.

An effective middle ground is to capture information throughout the project as it stabilizes. One extreme is to write all of your documentation in parallel with developing software. During this meeting, the stakeholder have reviewed the end-user acceptance and confirmed that you and your project team have satisfied the project objectives.

You should understand the total cost of ownership TCO for a document, and strive to maximize stakeholder ROI to provide the best value possible to your organization.

Agile documents capture critical information, information that is not readily obvious such as design rationale, requirements, usage procedures, or operational procedures.

The book also shows how to move from your agile models to source code, how to succeed at implementation techniques such as refactoring and test-driven development TDD. Agile developers recognize that documentation is an intrinsic part of any systemthe creation and maintenance of which is a "necessary evil" to some and an enjoyable task for others, an aspect of software development that can be made agile when you choose to do so.

Many teams will simply hand off a system, or portion thereof, to a technical writer and ask them to "figure it out". Do you place all of your documentation in your code, do you write "self-documenting" code for that matter, or do you place all of your documentation in external artifacts.

Every time the whiteboard sketches changed sufficiently we would have to update the electronic versions of the diagrams plus corresponding sections in the SAD document.

There are several valid reasons to create documentation: For example, I would be reticent to write the system documentation for the maintenance developers without involving some of them in the effort. Someone must explicitly choose to make the investment in the documentation.

Project Closure — Whether your 1st or 21st project, successful completion involves a few important steps Your process says to create the document.

In short, strive to capture and communicate information using the best means possible. A temporary model becomes a "keeper" when it meets all of the following criteria: Contract models are often required when an external group controls an information resource that your system requires, such as a database, legacy application or information service.

What appears clear and straightforward in your mind can often prove to be very complicated once you attempt to describe it in detail, and you can often benefit from writing it down first. Figure 2 is taken from my article " Examining the Big Requirements Up Front BRUF Approach " which explores the effectiveness of writing a detailed requirements specification early in the project life cycle.

If need be, supplement the questionnaires with interviews. These models are typically hand-drawn sketches which discarded once the idea has been communicated to your intended audience. Your customer is pleased with the final Work Product and the Sponsor is pleased that you closely managed the project, keeping it on-schedule and on-budget within the agreed tolerances and met their Acceptance Criteria.

Agile documents fulfill a purpose. This may include existing definitions of business rules, existing interfaces to legacy systems and their documentation effectively existing contract modelsa corporate meta-data repository describing the data resources throughout your company, or an enterprise business model.

Questionable reasons for creating documentation, and how to combat them, include: My theory is that in the s and s many organizations moved their IT departments from a "code and fix" hacking mentality to a documentation-heavy serial waterfall process.

Source code is a sequence of instructions, including the comments describing those instructions, for a computer system. Once again, the best strategy to address this problem is to explore whether the creation of the document actually provides value to your efforts.

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The need to write a document clearly is a requirement just like the need to write a feature. Different customers, different types of documents, and very likely different writing styles. CS13L Final Project Documentation Essay  PROJECT TITLE HERE A Final Project Presented to the Faculty of the School of Information Technology Intramuros Mapua Institute of Technology Manila by Group Name here Group Members here In partial fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course CS13L Computer Fundamentals Date of Submission here 2nd.

Project documents, along with project meetings, form the glue that binds the disparate stakeholders together to achieve a common purpose. Use documents to your advantage in advancing the interests of your project.

Avoid seeing them as a useless and time-wasting exercise. Screenshots of the Final System 11 CHAPTER 4 RESULTS AND EVALUATION 15 Adequacy and Coverage 15 Efficiency and Effectiveness 15 From our project deliverables, the client was able to bring to our understanding that the employees should have different pay rates and that it would be.

CS13L Final Project Documentation. Topics: Source code INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING Final Project—Marketing Plan DESCRIPTION Introduction to Marketing requires you to submit at the end of the semester a Final Project in the form of a marketing plan for Blue Mountain Spring Water, Inc.

You will complete your work on the plan incrementally in. HOW-TO NOTE Preparing Evaluation Reports Create evaluation reports that are clear, credible, and useful. How-To Notes are published by the should have access to the final Project Appraisal Document and related annexes (which includes a logical framework and original monitoring and evaluation plans, among other things).

This. In the final year of the program. controlling. work measurement.

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Cs13l final project documentation
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