Case 1 bates boat yard cost accounting

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Unpainted boats, prep time estimated case by case; Travelift/ Haul Out Round Trip to yard or one way to or from trailer – $ft ($ min) Survey for boat sale/purchase, inc 1 Other Rates.

Outside Contractor Fee, no charge, must be insured and approved by boatyard in advance. 1.(a) Bate needs to put a job order cost system in place so that she can know what her cost for manufacturing a boat is her job order.

Once this system is in place she can determine the price point where she can make a profit after paying her debt.

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Bates did not have any proper accounting system. In Bates case she was able to buy a boat yard with a lot of stunning opportunities to offer. The properties of the business were a large sheet for the winter storage of boats. There was plenty of empty land on the shore for outdoor storage.

In this case, she is in the Stage 1 of the business, at the early stage it is important for Bates to identify what kind of financial records to keep, which the focus is on the cost determination and pricing.

Foreman / Site Supervisor Foreman / Site Supervisor O. Bettschen O. Bettschen Construction is currently looking to fulfill a position with in the company.

A skilled pipe foreman/site supervisor- large/med & small water and sewer sites.

Case 1 bates boat yard cost accounting
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