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You use the same items in both modes, the system saves the setting of your items, you can use the same ones in both modes.

Time management games fans from all over the world have already started their restaurant story.

Adventure Bar Story

However, some in-game items can be purchased for real money. Regeneration — add to the regeneration speed Production equip — player can produce various items through them, e. After the restart, the mine is again full of tiles and can be digged out over and over again. Clearing your debris is also an achievement in the game.

400 Recipes for Adventure Bar Story - iPhone iPod

Last mine — sends Diggy straight to the mine which has been visited as last without using the map. They are called repeatable because after they are cleared out completely, they are refilled after a certain amount of time.

The number in the circle shows your level. I have ran out of materials. There is also no waiting time in the game. Initial set up of the PSS you will need to work and tweek your equipment until it comes out right. The upper right corner shows the amount of your coins, gems and button to see what materials you have currently in your inventory.

The loading bar is stuck. Throughout the game, you can complete Treasures. How to change language. The second bar green shows the amount of energy you currently have and the maximum cap.

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Windmill is an item which you can send to your friends as a gift. It refills with time according to the amount of regeneration speed. In case you need material for a building in shop, just hover over the material with your mouse.

Each player can customize the look of their camp according to their taste and need. Player has to click on the NPC itself to start a conversation. So if you typically sleep 8 hours you want to watch your energy information window as you place your equipment. You can visit their own camps and help each other out through sending gifts and placing windmills.

Make enough food for your customers and party members.

Pemmican (Recipe)

What does it do. Gifts — you can send various gifts to your friends and receive them too. By talking to an NPC with the question mark, you are given a quest which is indicated by an icon on the left side of the main screen.

Lead your party members to over 10 dungeons in the game to look for rare ingredients. You need to place out amounts of both equipment so that depending on the length of time you are expecting to be away from the computer you will fill your energy but not over fill and not be waiting days for it to fill up.

Adventure Bar Story, The Tavern RPG Where You Cook Monsters, Is Just 99 Cents

Invite — you can send invitations to your Facebook friends. Hovering with mouse over the energy bar will show additional information. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Adventure Bar Story for Nintendo 3DS.

Home Camp is your base which is filled with equipment needed to play Diggy's. This is where you will use your regeneration and capacity equipment. Energy bar information window (mouse held over the green energy bar at the top of your game screen) for you.

Materials for the recipes can be found in the mines both repeatable and regular. Sep 19,  · Each story is unique in My Cafe: Recipes & Stories!

Features: My Restaurant, My Cafe Story • Story mode with unique characters and meaningful relationships. Learn the stories of your regulars, influence their gossip life, make new friends and experience your own Kitchen Craze restaurant adventure in this nice life /5(M).

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Get this guide started! Think you're an expert in Adventure Bar Story? Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into this Game. Mar 11,  · Adventure Bar Story puts you in the shoes of a tavern owner who is trying to make her bar a culinary hotspot.

How? By adding delicacies like dragon to .

Adventure bar story recipes strategyw
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